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At long last! The eMotiv headset I have been patiently waiting for was patiently waiting on me once I returned from my LA trip, where I spent some time with some top notch guys (Joe Polish, Dan Sullivan, many more, etc) at a kick-butt business building event. I learned on the first day of the event that this little gem was waiting on my doorstep and I couldn’t wait to get home today to try it out.

I stumbled across this device [literally- StumbleUpon] about two months ago and was blown away by its claims, and furthermore by the YouTube videos showing its operation. It is basically an EEG headset with enough resolution and programmatic capability to allow 13 different cognitive actions to be mentally training and executed. You know, “may the schwartz be with you”, style. You can learn / train your focus to control lift, push, pull, drop, rotate left, rotate right, etc- all the spacial directions with nothing more than your focused mind.  After spending some time putting the eMotiv through the paces this evening I can say I’m extremely impressed. I can’t wait until I can find a StarWars game that supports this additional dimension; cmon’ George!

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