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MindflexThe Mindflex game is one of the hottest selling games on In fact it is number 9 out of the top ten toys and games being sold on  Just in time for the holiday season the Mindflex game is on sale for $56.32 which is a $23 discount. The unique new toy actually teaches the art of telekinesis.
Game players strap on a headset that measures their brain waves and enables them to move a ball around an obstacle course with their thoughts. It’s a concept straight out of a sci-fi movie.  The head set has probes that are attached to the head. The game player can use different techniques to move the ball through an obstacle course they can make as easy or as complicated as possible. The game player is literally moving the ball with their mind. Some critics have said that the games fan is making the balls movement. However, when the game player starts to master the game they realize that they control the balls rise and fall with their minds.  The game player can build the obstacle course with a number of options. They have hoops, hurdles and funnels to put into their course so they can practice on activities like shooting the ball through the hoops.
Some of the games include a speed measure where the player is being tested on how fast they move the ball through the obstacle course. Another game focuses on how efficiently the player gets the ball through the course.
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