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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to come with Exynos chip and 4GB RAM

With all these rumors regarding Apple tablets, it was only a matter of time before Samsung also made the news with rumors of its own. Today we look at the most recent speculations revolving around an upcoming Samsung device, namely Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. This device comes with various feature and we just so happen to know some of the. Let’s see what the handset packs. One of the most important elements regarding the device’s specifications is definitely the processor. For this device, we are looking at a Samsung designed chip that goes by the name of Exynos 7420. The ... Read more

Pokémon Go New Update Got Released – Gen 2 To Come In March

A new update has been released for Pokémon Go, which brings some new things to the application. However, before we tell you more about the new update, we should mention that Niantic has confirmed that it has found a server issue, which they will fix as soon as possible. New Pokestops and Gym The new Pokémon Go update brings 17 new Pokestops and a new gym. We should mention that the new Pokestops and gym have been added for players in Davos, Switzerland. According to TheVerge website, unlike other collaborations with companies such as Sprint or Starbucks, the additions are ... Read more

iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool and Pangu Delays

It seems that more and more users are getting impatient while waiting for Pangu to release the iOS 10 jailbreak. It’s been a while since Apple has released the iOS 10, but for some reason, the hackers were unable to release a jailbreaking tool for the mentioned operating system. According to rumors, one of the reasons why they decided to delay the release of the iOS 10 jailbreak is because Apple is always patching the holes by releasing a new iOS update. In other words, Apple has recently released some important security updates that make the jailbreak to not work ... Read more

GTA 5 Online Tips in Making Money from the Export feature

GTA 5 Online is quite a unique experience in the sense that it offers some pretty cool things to do. With the addition of more and more expansions that bring out businesses and things you can make money off of (in-game money, of course),  we see a developing ecosystem  that can really go places. In this article we’re going to talk about how you can make more money off of the Export feature, by resetting the export cooldown. Before we get into that, let’s take a step back and check out what the Export feature is, for anyone that might ... Read more

Nexus 6P and 5X are up for the first official Lineage OS build

Lineage OS was born from the ashes and became the faster and better version of CM. The Lineage team has added a download portal, from where the owners of certain models of phones will be able to get the appropriate custom ROM. The first devices that received new builds of Lineage OS are the Nexus 6P and 5X and several other devices, but over time, more builds will be uploaded. Currently, the builds that are now called Lineage and which carry the same build number system as CyanogenMod’s (14.1 = Nougat 7.1, or 13.0 = Marshmallow 6.0), are now available ... Read more

iOS 10 and iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak Tool from Yalu Released

Luca Todesco, an Italian developer, has brought a jailbreak update for the iOS 10. The Yalu jailbreak tool for iOS 10 and 10.1.1 is currently in BETA phase, which means that it may come with some bugs and issues, which will be eventually fixed in the future. In other words, five months after the iOS 10 has been released, Apple’s users can finally jailbreak it using the Yalu tool. Todesco has made the announcement on his Twitter account, where he mentioned that a fix for TSMC has been posted for both SE and 6s, which means the two mentioned handsets ... Read more

Microsoft Surface Book 2 to Feature Kaby Lake Processing Power

Microsoft’s Surface Book series of hybrid devices has made quite a wave in the tech market since it was first introduced. This year marks the release of another model that is bound to impact the industry once again. In this article we are taking a look at how the latest Surface Book 2 fares and what every day users can anticipate ahead of the product’s release. The processor One of the first issues that need to be touched is the processor. The latest generation of processors from Intel has hit the market and there is every single chance that Microsoft’s ... Read more

Microsoft continues to push Windows 10 but Windows 7 gets in the way

Microsoft has made it its goal to push Windows 10 in everyone’s home and make it the one and only operating system version used among all PC consumers. However, that journey is long and implies undoing a lot of what Microsoft has done in the past, including everything leading up to Windows 10. Since the release of Windows 10, it has been fairly obvious that it benefited from the most support from its developer, which announced that it would also be the last version released. Windows 10 will not have a successor, but instead will receive a steady flow of ... Read more

Google Earth and Google Earth Pro Download Available with Latest Features

It seems that the big search engine company has been quite busy lately, as it has just released a new Google Earth version for desktop devices. This new version of the application comes with many bug fixes that have been reported from previous releases. In addition, the Google Earth version comes with a few changes. We remind you that the Google Earth and Google Earth Pro will be released initially to users that perform fresh installs downloaded via Earth Download or Earth Pro download web pages. The users who have already installed the previous versions of Google Earth ... Read more

Sony PlayStation Store Flash Sale of January 2017

The first PlayStation Store Flash Sale of 2017 started on Friday and owners of the PS 4, PS 3 and PS Vita consoles can take advantage of the deals under $5. So, if you want to pay less money on games such as Tomb Raider, Hitman Go or Battlefield 4, or on movies like Assassin’s Creed, you should hurry up, because the Flash Sale ends today, January 23 at 8 a.m. PT. So, here are some of the titles that are temporarily priced between $1.99 and $4.99: PS4 Dark Cloud 2 – $4.94 (reduced from $14.99) Goat Simulator – $3.99 ... Read more