A brand new combat system has just been revealed for the highly anticipated action game, Gods of War 4. The game has been confirmed to feature Kratos and his son as a combat duo which is a completely new style for the popular series.

Players will be able to perform combos with the father and son duo however the exact details on how this works is limited right now. Previously released gameplay shows that the player controls Kratos but the son uses a bow to help battle enemies; this system is expected to be seen in the final game but it will most likely receive some changes before release.

Combat in Gods of War 4 was already going to be very different to the previous games; the game will feature a new camera view that is in a style similar to the one seen in Resident Evil 4. Considering the new announcement about the dynamic combat system, players may be able to control both Kratos and his son at different points in battles.

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